Captains Are Ready


For our newbies out there, the CrossFit Open consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks that aim to find the fittest people in the world. Last year over 429,000 people participated in the Open.

I know many of you will ask yourself, “Why should I do the Open? There’s no way I’m the fittest in the world.” For 99.99% of us, that is true and that’s why CFS is running the Intramural Open!

In the Intramural Open, you’ll have the ability to contribute to a team every single week no matter your score. Go above and beyond in your spirit or performance and you can contribute even more. Most importantly, it’ll be the highlight of fun and community in our box!

There is still time to sign up and get in on the fun! We will update teams below as they get more competitors.

Here are your teams for 2019


Chris Morse

Kaitlin Andrews

Kristin Roland

Matthew Severson

Jeff Berger

Taylor Gold

Emily Accornero

Cody Harrelson

Kelli Keefe

Dirty Deadlifters

Desiree Federman

Jen Moran

Jenny Davis

Ann Thompson

Jon Clark

Allison Autrey

Jody Geare

Mia Polk

James Zaiter


Jason Rivera

Brian Wahlbrink

Mitchell Brockmire

Jakin Laxague

Ashley Pittman

John Slater

Leeann Lupo

Obadiah Rivera

Zach Marquez

Flexual Healing

Shannon Hildebrand

Seth Martinez

Mike Hildebrand

Cody Weeks

Gabe Anderson

Crystal Moberg

Kevin Bolter

Stephanie Beaver

Maryellen Hewlett




Dirty Deadlifters…49


Flexual Healing…78

Here are the details

FEB 22 Winter Wonderland
MAR 1 CrossFit Disco
MAR 8 Trailer Park Night @ CF Oakdale
Mar 15 Luck ‘O the Irish (CF Oakdale Here)
Mar 22 Thrift Shop Formal


Friday Night Lights workouts will start at 5:30pm every Friday beginning this Friday 2/22.


Team scoring will be as follows:

+1 Point – Workout Completion: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at CrossFit Sonora AND submits their score online to the CrossFit Games website each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This will produce the most points for each team!

+1 Point – Workout Completion AT Friday Night Lights: every member of a team that completes an Open workout during our Fri Night Lights will receive 1 point. Bonus 2 points for  each member who shows up and throws down at CrossFit Oakdale March 8

+1 Point – Top 2: every male AND female member who places among the Top 2 at CFS for each workout (RX and scaled) gets an extra point for their team.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points!

+2 Points – Theme: 2 points for each member who dresses up in the theme for that week. Keep it simple and FUN!!

+1 Point for PR’s: 1 point for every team member who PR’s a workout, lift OR achieves a new skill (get that first double-under)!

+1 Point for Judges: The athlete who takes the Judges Course and judges the most workouts each week earns a point for their team